World Chinese Economic Forum – Established Blockchain Innovation Lab

World Chinese Economic Forum – Established Blockchain Innovation Lab

Malaysia’s Greenfield Group called on the government to take a serious look at blockchain technology and trends, and use the blockchain experience of Australia, the Philippines and Malta to turn Malaysia into a blockchain technology center to drive national economic growth.

At the special general meeting on November 8, the Greenfield Group approved the ICO proposal to issue a billion-dollar “Horse Currency” with a total of RM2 billion in corporate assets.

Tan Sri Li Jinyou, founder and executive chairman of Luye Group, pointed out at a press conference that some countries have begun to pay attention to blockchain technology, issue legal licenses to cryptocurrency companies, and drive the country by taxing the cryptocurrency economy. Economic Growth.

Call for the establishment of a blockchain special economic zone

“We hope that the government will establish a blockchain special economic zone, create a legal cryptocurrency trading platform, and allow private companies to raise funds through blockchain technology to accelerate business development and the costs involved are low.”

At the same time, Li Jinyou also hopes that the average user can purchase the shares issued by the company through the cryptocurrency, and solve the problem that the private placement of the company is unsubscribed. He also pointed out that if the Green Field Group successfully issued the “Golden Ringgit”, it hopes to be listed on any cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Li Jinyou further said: “I also recommend that the Bursa Malaysia exchanges play a leading role in cooperating with the private sector to establish a cryptocurrency exchange to attract more international cryptocurrency issuers to list in Malaysia.”

“We met with the China Securities Regulatory Commission last month, and the SFC did not ask us to submit documents because the relevant regulatory framework has not yet been finalized and is expected to be launched in the first quarter of next year.”

At that time, the Green Field Group will quickly follow up and hope to become the first listed company in Malaysia to issue cryptocurrency, becoming a pioneer in the above fields.

The guests attending the press conference included executive directors Li Taiyang and Li Xiulian, independent non-executive directors Nie Hashan and Zhou Zhongyou, and Wang Wenlong, chairman of the Malaysian Blockchain Association.

Established Blockchain Innovation Lab

Li Jinyou also revealed his future development plan. Luye Group has invested RM5 million in initial capital as a hardware and software facility for developing blockchain technology, establishing a blockchain innovation laboratory at its headquarters, and establishing a blockchain technology. Working group.

“The working group has about 20 people, from domestic and foreign professionals, and President Wang Wenlong serves as a group consultant.”

Li Jinyou pointed out that the biggest risk of cryptocurrency comes from the stability of the technology base. If the technology is unstable, it will lead to the hacker’s opportunity to steal the cryptocurrency; therefore, the working group is responsible for risk management and supervision of “Golden Horse Coin”. Supply and demand.

The working group will also be responsible for negotiating with the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Exchange to ensure that the “Golden Malaysian Ring” issuance plan complies with the regulations and is issued smoothly.

At the same time, it will actively cooperate with investment banks to subscribe for “Golden Malaysian Rings” and distribute them to other investors. In addition, the working group is also responsible for studying how to integrate the “Golden Ringgit” into the cryptocurrency wallet for user convenience.绿野吁政府向外国取经-打造大马区块链枢纽/?fbclid=IwAR1DJtcRDXCBrf_yi_YMwigxMJazCcyxzoc67xHjKiAP2umbxktdGlGUy7A