As the largest digital asset exchange in Australia, BitRabbit offering clients trading services of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency derivatives with top level of security, liquidity and experience. Now BitRabbit has already had 40,000 users from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries, 90% of users from Southeast Asia, and reached the daily transaction volume of $1,000,000.
BitRabbit aims to build the next generation digital asset exchange, provides users with innovative products and services, such as Blockchain Asset Index and Decentralized Decision Making System. Blockchain Asset Index appeals to conservative investors interested in longer-term cryptocurrency holding as a mutual fund composed of several cryptocurrencies. Decentralized Decision Making System is created from the perspective of protecting investors’ rights and interests, enables a group of 200 users to vote on the management of the coins listed on the exchange.
BitRabbit focuses on sharing their vast knowledge and experience in Blockchain and Crypto trading to the Malaysia local community, such as by joining Blockchain Association Malaysia, while expanding their foot print to the ASEAN countries.